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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

High School

             My high school days was EPIC!
It was in high school where my two gay friends told me that they had a little crush on me. It was in high school where I got so paranoid of dying because a dog bit me. It was in high school where me and my friends made the school election so chaotic that one of the candidates collapsed right before our very eyes. It was in high school where I only cared about my home work, exams, and crushes. The days where I only cared about making my own little teenage world phenomenal. My High School stage was quiet selfish. I was caught up in my own little world. It was my naive moment. 


             He is a bad boy kind of a guy. He is even a member of a very known gang called 'Bloods'. He is known for being a chick boy, he has brown eyes. He's a bit skinny but boy I'm telling you, he is hooot!,well at-least that's how my eyes saw him.  Sometimes I wonder why I was the only one falling for him. And right now I'm wondering why I fell for him. I mean he was obviously a mess.

          So how did I ended up liking him? Simple, he was all over my life, he was everywhere I turn. We were in the same carpool together, we go to the same school, we live in the same subdivision, my older sister and his brother were best friends, and my older brother is his friend. You see my theory is, if you have too much exposure on a very attractive person, you'll basically end up having a special feelings for that person. That special feelings may or may not last, but the point is, at a certain point you will feel something special for that person. In my case, I had too much exposure on him. And it's probably the reason why I was so crazy about him way back then.

          So since we're in the same carpool together. Every morning was always an effort to look good. But since I was still on my freshman year, I am kind of a little awkward. The ride to school was both exciting and unpleasant. I was happy 'cause I'd get to see him, but at the same time, it was nerve wrecking because I have a crush on him so I can't act all breezy. You know, all that cheezy stuff when you like someone. 


          So at my junior year, a crazy thing happened. As I mentioned earlier, he is a total mess. He is 1 year older than me, so when I was on my freshman year he was on his junior. But he was out of school for 1 year so we ended up being classmates when I reached my junior year. At that moment, I wasn't so head over heels idiot for him anymore. I could act casual around him already. There was even this one time when I was standing at our classroom door, talking to someone, and he just came to me and carried me like I'm his bride. I screamed and freaked out because he gestured to throw me at my other guy friends arms. So all I could do was wrap my arms around his neck tightly so he wouldn't have the chance to throw me away and probably drop me on the floor. It was a silly and childish thing but he was the first guy who carried me like that. It was cute in way.

          Another "awwww" moment with this guy was when I was, again, leaning at our classroom doorstep. He stood there 
with me so I looked at him, and then he looked back at me. So we were there looking at each other. That's when I noticed that he has a brown eyes. And then he said to me "You're getting prettier everyday". All I could respond that time was slap him on the shoulder because I was too flattered to say something.

         In addition, lol! I sound like I'm writing a term paper. Anyway, one more memorable moment with him was when we were playing spin-the-bottle with the rest of my friends and then he joined in. My friends knew that I had a crush on him so when the bottle pointed on me, they all took the chance to dare me to kiss him. It was just on the cheek but what the heck! It's high school! It's where you experience most of your first time cliche's. And first time cliche's are breathtaking since it's your very first time.

         When the school year was almost over. He finally made a move. My best friend and I were at the cashier when he came to me, grabbed my arm, and pulled me far from the crowd without saying a word. I felt his hands were cold. And when he stopped pulling me and faced me, he couldn't even look me in the eye. I was so confused that time. But when he opened his mouth and said "You see, I don't like dating a classmate. So can I date you after the school year ends?"

It was a quick decision making. I was flattered and overwhelmed so I replied "Yes". And I just realized this now, he was my only YES. Oh my gee! He is my only "YES!". You see, I'm a "NO" kind-of-girl. I turned down all the guys who made a move. Some of them deserved the NO, some of them probably deserved a YES. And I wish I was a YES kind-a-girl. I wish I was not too picky before.I wish I wasn't so analytical about whether a guy is good enough for me or would my friends like him. I wish I didn't took the time to think about whether we'd work out. Because it was HIGH SCHOOL. It's JUST High School! It's not like those guys asked me to marry them right away right?! I should have ceased the moment before it was gone. And just like what Ted Mosby said "Life is short, and if you ever come across a beautiful, exciting, and crazy moment, TAKE IT! ". The sad thing is I didn't, most of the time.

          So the ending was, as I said a while ago, he's a massive mess. He didn't finished the school year so we lost touch.


          I heard a lot of rumor that he already had son but was not married yet. So one time, when we coincidentally took the same jeepney all the memories came rushing back. But the difference was that I didn't feel any spark anymore. We walked home together that night, and when we parted ways he shouted "Hey! just  a thought. You're single, I'm single. Why don't we date each other?!" He said. He was joking but  at the same time asking me out. I laughed at it and then I shouted back "Shut up!".


            I don't  know what your impression for this guy is,  but for me, he will always be my bad boy brown eyes man. My ONLY-YES guy. I prefer to picture him as that, because I know that time changed him. And that he is not that same guy I had a huge crush on anymore.

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