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Thursday, December 6, 2012

When I Was On 6th Grade

          I was on 6th grade, still innocent, naive, and as far as I could remember, I was aloof to guys because they make me uneasy, especially when I can sense that they have a thing for me.

          I just transferred to another school in our hometown because my parents wanted me to. So I was pretty much the new girl in town.
          Summer was almost over so I decided to attend my aunts wedding party just to pimp my boring summer. It was almost dark when my aunts wedding party started. 
The loud music filled the room. The guests were already dancing on the dance floor. Some of them were chitchatting and drinking. But there I was at the corner, watching the celebration getting livelier and livelier by the minute.
And as my eyes were roaming around the room, I saw this guy. It was impossible not to notice him because he was quite dashing. After staring at him for about 3 seconds, I immediately knew that I liked him, and that he was checking me out me out way before I noticed him. I knew because I caught him looking at me a few times.

                 It was the first day of class and I was a bit uneasy knowing that I don't have any friends yet. But since I had no choice, I went to school worried. I took the chair near the window and then looked around to look for a friendly face that, you know, I could talk to, my eyes stopped at a familiar face. "It's him!" I exclaimed in my mind. He was looking at me, so I quickly looked the other way. But inside my mind I was so happy knowing that we were classmates.

                  We became friends, he would even play badminton with us at times. We would chase each other for some silly reasons and funny arguments. He'd tease me and I'd chase him, acting all pissed, because of it. It may sound tacky but believe me, it was the happiest day of my life! LOL!

                   One time, my two best friends and I were walking home. We saw him and his buddy on the road ahead. We couldn't really tell if he was looking at me or what because they were too far, but what we saw was that they stopped walking when they saw us. So one of my friend said "I think he's waiting for you." I swallowed. It made me nervous knowing that if he was really waiting for me, then he might walk me home. And probably talk about us. I was too young to handle such feelings so I was freaked out but I tried not to show it. When we finally got near them I asked "Why did you stop walking?" He smiled, blushing. "We we're waiting for Miss Camille" He said, talking about our teacher who was also walking towards us. I knew he was lying because I heard his friend murmured something about walking me home, but maybe he got all shy so he backed out on asking me to walk with him. I was disappointed but at the same time relieved because I know I'd feel uneasy if we'd walk home together. 


                    It's been years since I last visited our small town and he's distant. I saw him last May and he seemed to be avoiding me. I tried to smile at him every time we'd bump each other on the road but he would always look the other way. I was wondering why he was ignoring me that much. One time, when my aunt called for a driver, he went to our house. So when I arrived home from visiting a neighbor, he was there, helping my aunt load a sack of rice in the car. My eyes were at him while I was walking towards their direction, and so was he. But when I was almost close, he turned around and immediately got inside the car and left. I was left alone, puzzled. So when my aunt visited one day, I asked her instantly about Rayn (they're neighbors). And just as I was suspecting, he's already married. 


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